Mango Cupcakes

January 11, 2013

Mango Cupcakes

Sweet tropical magic, these mango cupcakes are sensational!!! Light, fluffy and moist, these gorgeous little cakes bring sunshine in the kitchen with their golden colour and bright flavour.

In my early days as a vegan, cupcakes were among the most common vegan recipes online. That's how I found Vaishali's blog Holy Cow!, one of the most trusted and diverse food blogs I know and one of my top favourite. The mouthwatering pictures of her mango cupcakes instantly convinced me to give the recipe a try. Its success was soon followed by the Mango Bread which I posted earlier.

Mango Cupcakes

What I love about vegan baking is that most recipes follow this very simple formula: mix the dry, mix the wet, then combine the two. No egg beating, no creaming butter and sugar, no complicated techniques. Vaishali's mango cupcakes are just that - an incredibly delicious dessert that's super easy and fast to make. The recipe uses canned mango purée, so there's no peeling, chopping and blending involved either.

But these aren't the ordinary mango cupcakes one would expect. Just as with savoury dishes, Indian desserts too benefit from the addition of spices. In this case, the unique flavour of cardamom combines with mango wonderfully. If you haven't tried this combination yet, here is your excuse;)

Mango Cupcakes

Although they look lovely iced, I prefer to enjoy these cupcakes plain, with their flavour unaltered by any frosting. Just for the sake of experiment, I tried them once with mango cream cheese frosting and, good as the combination was, I still liked them plain.

For the recipe, please head over to Vaishali's post Mango Cupcakes with Mango Buttercream Frosting - an ode to the Indian king of fruit. Note: I used sunflower oil instead of canola and a little less than 1 tsp cardamom.

I also made a few cupcakes without using paper cases (see below) and loved that they remained golden on the sides and didn't stick to the pan. I did lightly oil the cups, as I do even before lining them with paper cases.

Mango Cupcakes

Being a huge fan of fresh mango, I rarely give in to the desire to use it in baking, but when I do Holy Cow! is my go-to place for fabulous, foolproof recipes. Vaishali has an impressive collection of mango recipes (the golden treasure, as I like to call it). Just have a look at her luscious, silky Mango Pie or the luxurious Mango Cheesecake or the gorgeous Mango Biscotti.

Enjoy and spread the magic!:)

If you've tried these cupcakes I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you!



Hi...these look delish! You know what my favorite part of vegan baking is? You can lick the spoon/bowl and not have to worry about raw eggs...yuck! Thanks for sharing!


I will certainly be making a batch of these as not only do they sound delicious mangoes are a very good price at the moment being summer so there is an abundance of them in the shops.
I was thinking of adding some pure saffron threads to the mix as saffron, cardamon and mangoes team up so nicely together and the saffron will enhance the color and flavour

Vegan Magic

Karielyn, I never tried that, maybe because of the thought that there's baking powder or baking soda in the batter:) I'm really glad you like these cupcakes. Thank you so much for getting in touch:)

Vegan Magic

Allison, as I was writing the post last night I was wondering if there's anything that could possibly be added to make these cupcakes even better. I couldn't think of anything. But saffron, that would definitely take them to a whole new level of "gorgeous". I've got to try that combination sometime. Thank you for the comment, I'm very happy you like the cupcakes and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. It sounds like you'll be using fresh mango pulp. I did that with another recipe, but I would definitely like to try it here as well.

Vaishali Honawar

Your cupcakes have turned out so beautifully, and I really appreciate your very sweet words for Holy Cow! and my recipes. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the cupcakes.

Vegan Magic

Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Vaishali. Your recipes are always a pleasure to make:)


Oh I want to try it!

Vegan Magic

Medeja, enjoy and do let me know how they come out:) Thank you for stopping by.

Kelle Fitzpatrick

Just started the Vegan adventure and stumbled upon your blog! LOVE it. I pinned these cupcakes on Pinterest!

Vegan Magic

Welcome to my little world, Kelle, and congratulations on going vegan!:) I'm very happy to know you like the blog. Stick around, I have many more wonderful recipes coming up. Thank you for spreading the love:) Have a lovely day!


Hi everyone, unfortunately I didn't have much luck with these. My feelings were quite hurt as I anticipated such yummy treats all week! Mine baked for 27 minutes and were still uncooked in the centers. I left them in for another 15 minutes and much changed. I ended up throwing them all away...

I'm building up the nerve to try them again soon. Still don't know what I did wrong but wish me luck!

Vegan Magic

I'm so sorry the cupcakes didn't turn out well:( I've made Vaishali's recipe several times and it worked great every time. Did you test the baking powder and baking soda for freshness? Also make sure not to overbeat the batter, mix just enough to combine. And see that the oven is fully preheated before putting the cupcakes in. I really hope the second time is the lucky time, these cupcakes are super delicious. I look forward to your feedback and thank you for sharing your experience.


Hey, the cupcakes came out ok, they tasted a bit weird nd you couldnt taste the mango unless you knew it was there. The texture was fine and it cooked on time and the icing is good, I used regular icing and just mixed it with mango puree. Thanks for the recipes =)

Vegan Magic

Kedisha, thank you so much for taking the time to write and share your experience with this recipe. I am surprised, because my experience was different, I felt the cupcakes were very flavourful. Did you use fresh or canned mango pulp?

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