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Comments and discussions related to my blog, recipes and veganism are more than welcome.

I will read all comments before publishing them. Therefore, please use moderate language, show sensitivity to cultural differences and respect everyone’s right to free speech. Comments that show any form of disrespect, abuse or racism will not be approved.

This blog is my personal space and it is meant to promote my own work. Please do not include the URL or name of your website or blog in the body of the comment.

If you choose to share any personal information in your comment, you do so at your own will and I do not hold responsibility for how readers may use that information.
Any personal information sent using the Contact form will be kept in strict confidentiality and will not be shared with third parties nor published in any way.

For any inquiries that you do not wish to appear as comment, please use the Contact form.


I created this blog for the sole purpose of sharing wonderful vegan recipes with anyone interested. If you would like to share content from my blog, please respect these terms of use:

1. The text, original recipes and photographs on this blog are the copyright of Adriana Chirea / vegan-magic.blogspot.com. They may not be used without my written permission on any other publicly available website or blog. They may not – under any circumstance – be used for commercial purposes.

2. My personal photographs on the About page may not be used under any circumstance.

3. For personal use of my recipes and food photographs you do not need to ask for permission (e.g. copy to your computer, print for your own use or to share with friends and family).

4. If you adapt my recipes please credit me by linking back to my recipe’s page; also please send me a note using the Contact form or leave a comment on the recipe's page, it would be a pleasure to see your work and I could make a note so that my readers can also check out your page.

5. If you make my recipes and want to share them, you don't need my permission, but you need to use your own pictures and please respect the points two and three below. If you wish to share my recipes (without having made them) on a website or blog, you need to ask for my permission using the Contact form. If permission is granted, you may use the material as follows:

  • PHOTOGRAPHS MAY NOT BE USED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. They may not be copied and altered. Editing, cropping or removing the watermark does not make them yours. I took all the pictures myself and can recognize them anywhere.
  • Only the ingredient list and method of preparation may be copied word-for-word (as long as you use the same ingredients and follow the same steps), although I prefer that you rewrite them. My personal notes may not be copied, edited or built upon. Please make your own notes that will represent you. Readers who come to your page will want to know you, not me.
  • When using my recipes, a link to my recipe’s page must be provided and attribution given to Vegan Magic.

6. Permission must be requested using the Contact form, not through comments. Please specify in your message the recipe or picture you would like to use.

Failure to comply with these copyright rules is a violation of my rights.


To my best ability, I will properly attribute the recipes I use. In the unfortunate event that you find material on my blog belonging to you that has been wrongly credited or not at all, please be kind enough to drop me a note using the Contact form and I will be sure to correct my mistake (please provide your name and your recipe’s page). Kindly note that a few of the recipes I’ve used were published anonymously on collective recipe websites.